Category: Quick Breads

Mummy & Spider Bites

Let’s have some Halloween food fun making Mummy and Spider hotdogs. Using refrigerated cresent dough, kids will have fun wrapping the hotdogs. You can make

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Apple Cake Slice

Dutch Apple Cake

This will be a new FALL favorite. Kids (and parents) will love making this recipe with diced apples. It’s a delicious cake with cooked apples

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Cranberry Orange

Cranberry Orange Bread

Fresh cranberries! The best mini fruit for the holidays. So, let’s make a perfect holiday bread – Cranberry Orange Holiday Bread. Using your fresh cranberries

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Pumpkin Scones Photo

Pumpkin Scones

Nothing says “Good Morning!” than freshly baked scones.  Scones are a favorite quick bread in Europe but very popular throughout the world.  Now, add pumpkin

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