Kids Baking Club

We Empower Kids

with Enjoyable Kitchen Experiences, building confidence & creativity

Kids baking club - easy baking recipes for kids

Where do kids love to hang out? Yep, the kitchen. So, let’s give them all the opportunities to learn valuable life skills, build confidence, enjoy creativity, and hang out with the people they love.

Hi, I’m Jill, the founder of Kids Baking Club. I believe the kitchen is the most important place in a child’s life. It’s where the tastiest learning happens.

We call it KIDchen Fun!

From 2020 – 2024 we offered a baking kit packed with recipes, supplies, and fun printables. Today, we offer all our recipes and KIDchen Fun! printables for free!

It’s the best screen-free fun that nurtures hands-on skills and learning. 

The best part is the baking memories kids have when they join you in the kitchen. 



Jill Lodato

Founder, Kids Baking Club

Frequently Asked Questions

We no longer have a membership for Kids Baking Club. You can now access our recipes and KIDchen Fun! any time. Enjoy!

February 2024 we closed the membership part of Kids Baking Club. You should have received a cancellation email with no further charges to you. Now, you can access all our recipes and KIDchen Fun! 


We have created KIDchen Fun! printables for ages 4-10. Our hope the recipes and activities are enjoyed by the whole family. 

Yes, we have a year of KIDchen Fun! printables. Just type “KIDchen” in the search bar of our recipes and you will see all the KIDchen Fun! for you to enjoy.  Just print the pages you want. 

The KIDchen Fun! Printables are sent monthly to your inbox the first of the month.

No, but a color printer is best. You can also print at a local print shop. 

Just download the PDF sent to your inbox. From there you choose the pages you wish to print.