Kids Baking Club

Frequently Asked Questions

We have two pricing tiers:

Monthly Kit ($24.99/month cancel anytime)

12-Month Kit ($19.99/month paid annually). With your 12-month membership you not only get a big discount annually but you will receive a kids apron and kids t-shirt. We will also send promotions for discounts in our KBC store.

New members who order before the 20th of the month will receive that month’s box. Those ordering from the 21st to the end of the month will receive next month’s box.

From then on, we will ship new theme boxes on the 1st of the month.

We created Kids Baking Club for families with children ages 4 – 13. Yet, our baking recipes and lessons are popular with any age person wanting to learn the fun in baking and decorating.

First, Members receive a baking kit every month. Each themed kit is filled with illustrated step-by-step recipes, baking lessons, decorating skills, baking tool(s), and decorating tool(s).

Second, Members also have online access to more recipes, videos, shopping lists, and dietary modification.

Third, you can be part of our private Facebook group to connect with other club members around the country. Families love sharing their baking photos and stories.

Yes, we have a fun theme each month. We do not repeat our themes or recipes so you can be a member as long as you want.

The best part of learning to bake is knowing what ingredients you use, along with proper measuring. Our hope is kids will enjoy the shopping for ingredients with their parents. Many of our club members report the shopping for each recipe was a lot of fun.

Yes. Please visit our online store to see all the supplies, aprons, t-shirts we have for you. If you are 12-month member you will also receive promotions to purchase items 50% off retail price.  

Yes and no! As a Kids Baking Club member you will be able to print recipes in our online portal.  We do ask that you not share the baking kit recipes as they are exclusive to our club members.

Yes! As a KBC member you have online access to recipe modifications for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc. We know how important it is to create delicious baked goods without the worry of food allergens and food choices.

Yes, this is one our favorite things to do. Just order a kit and put the recipients name and address to send to.

If you want this to be a one-time gift baking kit, then be sure to cancel in your Kids Baking Club before the next month. 

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