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Frequently Asked Questions

We have three pricing options:

1. Monthly Kit ($19.99/month + $5.00 shipping, cancel anytime) includes BONUS Kids apron ($18.99 value)

2. 6-month Kit ($17.99/month + $5.00 shipping) includes two BONUSES – Kids apron ($18.99 value) + extra Baking Kit ($19.99)

3. 12-month Kit ($15.99/month + $5 shipping) includes four BONUSES – Kids apron ($18.99 value) + Kids t-shirt ($18.99 value) + extra Baking Kit ($19.99) + special discounts in our KBC Shop (up to 50% off)

New members who order by 11:59 p.m. (PST) on the 19th of the month will receive that month’s theme baking kits.
Those who place an order from the 20th until the end of the month will receive the next month’s themed baking kit. 
From then on, you will ship your order the first week of the month. 

Our baking recipes and lessons are popular with any age person wanting to learn the fun in baking and decorating. We have found that our Kids Baking Club members tend to range between the ages of 4 – 13. 

First, Members receive a baking kit every month. Each themed kit is filled with illustrated step-by-step recipes, baking tools, decorating supplies, baking lesson, shopping list, and gift stickers/tags.

Second, Members have online access to decorating videos, printable shopping lists, and dietary modifications.

Third, you can be part of our private Facebook group to connect with other club members around the country. Families love sharing their baking photos and stories.

Fourth, our founder Jill offers free baking classes on our Kids Baking Facebook page and Kids Baking Club YouTube channel.

Yes, we have a fun theme each month. We do not repeat our themes or recipes so you can get the most out of your membership for as long as you want.

Upon purchasing your Kids Baking Club membership, the first baking kit will be shipped out right away. From then on, we will ship each monthly themed baking kit on the 1st of the month.

The best part of learning to bake is knowing what ingredients to use. Our goal is for this to not only be a fun activity, but an educational one as well. We provide a kid friendly shopping list in each baking kit and many of our club members report that shopping for each recipe was a lot of fun. 

Yes, you can! Please visit our KBC Shop to see all aprons, t-shirts and past baking kits available for purchase. If you are a part of our 12-month membership plan, you will receive promotions to purchase items up to 50% off retail price (look for special discount code sent to you).

Yes and no! As a Kids Baking Club member you will be able to print recipes in your resource area.  We ask that you not share the baking kit recipes since they are exclusive to our club members only.

Yes, we are here to help! As a Kids Baking Club member, you receive online access to recipe modifications for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, and others. We want to help you create delicious baked goods without the worry of food allergens and food choices.

Yes, Kids Baking Club makes an excellent gift. Just purchase your monthly baking kit and put the recipient’s name and address for the shipping details.

If you want this to be a one-time gift, instead of monthly, then be sure to cancel the membership in your Kids Baking Club account before the next month. 

Kids Baking Club is a subscription baking kit that automatically renews at the end of each cycle, same as most other services of its type. We do this to ensure all members of the club don’t miss a single baking kit.

If you want to change, pause or cancel your subscription, please log into your account and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have signed up for a multi-month subscription you will still be charged the monthly discount as long as you remain a subscriber, even after the length of initial commitment.

If you cancel during your 6 or 12-month commitment you will still be charged for the remaining boxes of your commitment term as you received the extra bonuses and special pricing.

If you need help, please email and we will be happy to serve you.

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