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KIDchen Fun! Printables

Just Print and start the FUN!

It’s fun in the kitchen and kitchen table.

For kids ages 3-7 (with parents help in the kitchen).

Inspires confidence and creativity while kids builds hands-on learning.

It’s screen-free fun thousands of kids love!

KIDchen Fun! Includes:

(Example: December)

Each theme month includes 20+ activities & recipes to help child learn as they bake, play, and create!

  • Kid-friendly recipes with step-by-step instructions.
  • Baking skills 
  • Hands-on crafts
  • Fun games for the entire family.
  • Kids games
  • Theme bucket lists
  • Helper chart
  • Coloring pages
  • Table Talk to enjoy at meal time.
  • Treat tags to attach to baked goods to give to friends and family.
  • and more!!

Look at our Amazing KIDchen Fun! Click the month and download & print.

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November KIDchen Fun!
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April KIDchen Fun!
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Christmas KIDchen Fun!
Thanksgiving KIDchen Fun!
Happy Harvest KIDchen Fun!
Kids baking club - easy baking recipes for kids

Hi, I’m Jill. Founder & creator of Kids Baking Club. 

I am passionate about teaching the next generation valuable life skills in the kitchen and creating screen-free activities that build confidence and creativity. 

As a veteran teacher, I know kids thrive with hands-on learning!

When you download KIDchen Fun! you’ll have endless fun in the kitchen and kitchen table. 

Each month I create theme-based activities that kids (and parents!) love doing.

It’s happy smiles and giggles that make it so special.

I hope you enjoy the KIDchen Fun! printables!

Jill Lodato