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Baking it Magical

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“Baking it Magical” is a dream baking kit. 

If you love unicorns, rainbows, and sparkle, this baking kit is for the whole family. They will be making Unicorn Cupcakes and Rainbow Cake.

Kids will be learning to make snack, dinner and dessert recipes.

Our feature recipe is “A Magical Day” Raspberry Cupcakes as kids are learning how to make candy cupcake toppers. 

Included in the kit is a unicorn candy mold the kids will love.

Recipes include:

  • Unicorn Horns Pasta Bake
  • “Show your Sparkle” Shortbread Cookies
  • “A Magical Day” Raspberry Cupcakes
  • Fantasy Chicken Tenders
  • Rainbow Dreams Banana Cake

Baking Tools:

  • Unicorn Candy Mold
  • Jewel Gem cookie cutter
  • Purple Cupcake Liners
  • Violet Food Color Gel
  • Piping Bags
  • Unicorn Stickers


  • Candy Mold Baking Lesson
  • Shopping List

And, we always have our online resources to access our decorating videos and dietary modifications for the recipes.

Watch video to see our Founder, Jill Lodato show you what’s inside. 

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